Where Do You Picture Yourself at 80?

“Well, I have a questions for you Allie-kins…” my near 80 year old grandmother chimed over the phone. I had just sent her a list of thought provoking questions for her and my grandfather to answer, so I guess it was my turn to answer some.

“Where do you picture yourself at 80? I mean…what do you think your life will look like at my age?” she inquired, “I just wonder, because I know I never thought about these things when I was your age…”

“That’s a good question…,” I responded slowly, unsure about the answer. No one had ever asked me that, and I had never really thought about what might life might be like when I would be my grandparents’ age.

I started to think about what it could be like…a city life, a farm life, big family life, quiet solidarity life, European life, beach life…and I thought on it for a few weeks.

But, as of now, this is how I picture my life at 80.

I know I want to be surrounded by people who I love – partner/husband, family and friends. I see myself and a partner living somewhere calm, like a farm, but having access to a city to be able to venture in for culture activities like a show, dinner or visiting other friends or family. I hope to spend my days with the ones I love, taking walks, reading, writing, cooking, laughing, smiling, sharing moments together. I don’t want to be traveling around the world, I just want to be able to find stillness and peace in my (likely) final years of life.

I don’t know about having children of my own. The world is changing so fast, and I don’t know if this world is a world I want to bring children into. I’m lucky I still have some years on my biological clock to decide. What I do know, I want to keep those family bonds, visiting with my family often and sharing our time together, like we always have.DSC04185


Things, of course, can always change. There are no right answers. So I know that if you ask me again in 2 more years, I may say something completely different. But today, in this moment, in my heart and soul, this is how I think and feel.

Where do you see yourself at 80? I would love to know 🙂


One thought on “Where Do You Picture Yourself at 80?

  1. Couple of thoughts
    I have been pondering this since Friday when I read your post.
    First off, you come by your vision of life at 80 naturally, as you watch your grandparents live out their “golden years” both sides loving to be out in the country and enjoying the beauty of the earth and the simplicity of life. I am so glad they have given all of us such wonderful example!
    Secondly, I feel that if the world is a messed up place now, it is all the more reason to have children. I am confident that the three children I have will actually make the world a BETTER place. All of you are doing amazing things and I am so glad you are here to do your part. If you have a child I am certain he or she also will be kind hearted and dedicated to making a life that is outwardly lived.
    Lastly, family…… this is a hard one since almost everyone when you ask them what “matters to them or what they love” put family first. Having children creates a family. Without that your family dies with you. I am certain that a person does not have to have children to be happy. I am certain that for some people their life is full and meaningful without children. Maybe “family” to them is their own siblings and their siblings children. But the love that one has for a child is not something you can describe or even imagine. And to see the person your spouse/partner you love as a parent makes that relationship and love stronger. So wanting to be “with family” in your 80s is complicated.
    Thanks for posting such thought provoking posts!
    Love you Allie!


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