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The Not So Glamorous NYC Life

This week I have seen mice scurry across my kitchen floor. My shower head broke. And five of my blouses got destroyed at the dry cleaners.

While some people may awe at the idea of living in NYC, I’ve found the New York life to be far from glamorous. From being squished in a subway train next to someone who hasn’t showered in days to the strong stench of pee in the streets, there are many unpleasantries that come with living here.



Let me begin with the mice. I had gotten used to the dead cockroaches that I would find in the kitchen drain, but the mice took me by surprise. The first one I saw I jumped up onto the futon screaming. The second one I froze as I watched it scoot behind my floor length mirror. It’s as if the mice had a big party while I was sleeping and left all their droppings on my stove top to clean in the morning.

Then, the shower head broke. The shower already was old and had uneven pressure. The shower head looked like it hadn’t been replaced in years (which it probably hadn’t). I had just come back from a nice few days at the beach, and I was very much looking forward to a nice cool shower, when it broke. About once a month,  I email the landlord about something wrong with the apartment. From 3 repair men coming to fix the radiator (which is still broken) to plumbers replacing parts of the toilet, this apartment has had a myriad of problems.

Lastly, the dry cleaning debacle. This was the text I got while on vacation:

“Hi Allison, this is Zoya Cleaners. That day on Monday we got a malfunction with the dry cleaning machine. Many pieces got damage. Some of them got destroyed.

We are still dealing with it. We gonna reimburse to many of our customers. This is  bad experience for everybody. We are so sorry. So hope to understand and we will talk when you come back. Thank you so much.”

I felt like I was suddenly trapped inside a Seinfeld episode about the dry cleaners! I showed up yesterday, and they told me that all my five blouses had been destroyed and asked me how much money I wanted. They said they would get back to me in a few days about how much they could compensate me for. In the meantime, I will have to get a bit more creative on what I can wear to work.

I’m smiling, because I think others finding themselves in this situation would be upset or stressed out. But I don’t want to complain because I have chosen to live in NYC. No one made me do it. It was up to me.

Even with the mice, a trickle of water for a shower, and a bad dry cleaners, I will always try and find the positive in every “bad” situation.

And for anyone who thought that NYC was a lovely place to live, you might have some other things to think about after reading this blog post…




Also, I sometimes walk around Manhattan taking pictures of the piles of trash (per my photos above), because I am in awe of how much trash is produced in this city.

6 thoughts on “The Not So Glamorous NYC Life

  1. I live in the country but have been to NYC on several occasions to take in all the sights. What you have posted is never on the “brochure” but I see it when I go. I appreciate the city but know I could never live there. Thank you for sharing


  2. So on a happy note- your Nairobi skirt has been repaired and your favorite maxi dress with coffee is fresh and clean!! So despite the madness of NYC the Columbia connection is successful! It was SO GREAT to see you and Katie in Kiawah last weekend. Glad you could escape the chaos and the heat of NYC summers!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are learning many things about yourself and about life. Sending you lots of love and a couple extra hugs.


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