Keeping Up With Things That You Love

Life can feel like it’s going too fast. That you don’t have enough time.

The past few weeks I have felt slightly overwhelmed. Between moving to a new apartment at the end of this month and having much to do at work, I have found myself with less time just to sit and think.

I keep thinking about how to continue to keep up with the things that I love to do. Regardless of what change is going on around me.


Some of these things I love include running, yoga, cooking pasta with whole-made tomato sauce (something Santiago and I would normally do together), baking banana bread, writing on the blog, spending quality time with my family and friends, going out to restaurants and eating good food, and reading books (I constantly have too many on my list!).


There are a myriad of things that I love doing. Continuing to enjoy them even when there is a lot of change going on in my life, I think is important.

I have found that there always is time for the things you love to do.



2 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Things That You Love

  1. Welcome to the RAT RACE!! I’m glad it’s not as hectic as your days in banking! Life has its ebbs and flows. You are just in one of them. Glad you have continued to enjoy those things you like to do even with Santiago away!

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    1. I don’t want to be in the rat race haha. I purposely have tried to stay off of the rat wheel….I know it will slow down again once I get more of my ducks in a row 🙂


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