5 Resolutions for 2016

Now, let me begin by saying I don’t necessarily believe in New Year’s Resolutions. It’s not that I think they are a bad idea, I just think that making resolutions and changes to our lives only once a year is not enough. We should be consistently be making improvements to our lives, not matter if it’s the first of a new year.

Thus, as we began a new year, another day, another hour going by, these are the things I am looking to do, as I look to improve upon myself. Well, in due time…

  1. Be more thoughtful – In the day to day, spend more time sharing with people –  whether talking to the guy making you coffee, bring a little treat to the guards in the entrance of my building, talking to the taxi driver as he takes me somewhere. The little things to help connect us together.                                                                      DSC03707.JPG
  2. Read more -There are a lot of book I would like to read. I feel like I have yet to read many of the classics, including and not limited to On the Road, Madame Bovary, Hemingway’s books, just to name a few. As I am writing more, I have a craving to read more as well. To see and understand what makes a good story. What are we all looking as we read? A connection? A better understanding of our being? I hope by reading and writing more, it can help me come closer to “finding my purpose” (as this blog seeks to discover)                                                        DSC03463.JPG
  3. Ask questions – “Well that’s just how it is” or “It’s always been done that way,” we tend to claim. Static never changing. What I want to know is, is what if they weren’t that way? Why is it that we only open a nice bottle of wine on a “special occasion”, why not just because we feel like it today? I would like to think about the “why” in the things that we do, and to stop doing things just because that’s how people have done things in the past, because it doesn’t mean that’s how we should be doing them today.                                                     DSC03474.JPG
  4. Meditation challenge take 2 – I started my first mediation challenge last November, and failed miserably. I made it through about 6 days and stopped most of the 20 minute sessions early. My mind still continues to race 100 miles per hour, as if the world were ending tomorrow. While I am much less strung up as I used to be, I want to continue to work through meditation as a means to calm my mind and be more relaxed in the day to day.                                                                                                                    DSC03511.JPG
  5. Love love love – After being in a relationship for just over a year now, I can see how our love has grown and evolved. We continue to support and make each other a better person. I’m happy everyday to have someone who I love as much as myself and can share this life with.                                                                                                      DSC04157.JPG                                                                                                                                             I’m excited to see where this year takes me, as I ride into 2016!         DSC03661.JPG

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