How to Live Fearlessly

Life can be scary. The uncertainty can be crippling. It causes many of us not to change, because we don’t know what will happen if we do.

But I have found that if you ask yourself “what is my worst case scenario?” and when your “worst case scenario” is not bad, then you should do it, make that change, that jump, even if you may be terrified.

For example, my decision to move to Colombia with someone who I had only been dating for a few months was a risk. A million “what if” questions circled through my head incessantly.

What if we broke up? What if I didn’t like living in Bogota, Colombia? What if I didn’t end up learning any Spanish? What if I never was able to find a job? What would I do with my time there? What if I didn’t make any friends? These were just a few of my many worries at the time…


But then, I also asked myself, “what is my worst case scenario?”

I will admit, I am extremely fortunate that my worst case scenario is great. I would probably move back with my parents for a bit, and then figure out what to do next. I know that this isn’t a possibility for a lot of people, and thus, I am tremendously grateful to have two parents who give me this sense of security. I would even go as far to say that without this “security net”, I probably would not have had the courage to chose many of these life changing choices, like moving to Kenya for a job, moving to Colombia for love, or moving to NYC in search of a job.


Fortunately, none of my “what-ifs” happened. But I know that if I they did, I would have been perfectly fine.

If you have a pretty good worst case scenario, I challenge you to take some risks and maybe you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Fairy tales and dreams become realities when you give them the chance to flourish and exist.

Thank you for everyone who has been a part of my unique life story. I feel very grateful everyday for you. You give me the courage to live life fearlessly.


3 thoughts on “How to Live Fearlessly

  1. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Good for you for making the leap. You’ll learn Spanish just like the rest of us, paso a paso as they say.

    Keep the posts coming. (BTW MEBEinPanama will soon vanish, and will launch)

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