Tending to Your Friendships, Like You Would a Garden

Imagine that your friends were plants in a garden, and you were the gardener.

If you spend more time with them, then the closer you can watch them grow. If you give them more water (or time), then the more they can flourish. If you get rid of more weeds (aka bad friends), then there is more room for your flowers (aka good friends) to take life.


Your friendships can only grow if you spend time watering, weeding, and tending to them. If you don’t water your plants, they will wilt or find another gardener who has more time for them.

And just how WONDERFUL it is to watch the flowers in your life grow and live life to their fullest. Sharing in their special moments in the sun. Living in a life that is greater than just mine, or yours. These are our lives.


I feel my life is fuller when I spend time tending to my garden of friends.

Spending quality time with friends, creating moments, and enjoying live together, that’s what makes meaning for us. Together in this garden of life.

I am thinking about this as I just spent the last 3 days up in Maine with a good friend Michelle, who I used to work with in Atlanta. I am grateful to have gotten to spend time with her and with other new friends this weekend. We spent time sharing meals, playing in the snow, wandering the woods, laughing and sharing stories. I am very thankful for times like these.




5 thoughts on “Tending to Your Friendships, Like You Would a Garden

  1. Yes friends are our life lines! It’s so good to see you with Michelle Et all. I love your photos with Jamie and when you have had the opportunity to connect with Meredith. And new friends like your roommate ! It’s amazing how these are the people who you make memories with but also who come to your rescue in times of need. I am thankful you have these relationships as they are so important to your life! Love that you had such a great weekend. Even if was cold as ……

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