I Didn’t Outgrow the Valentine’s Day Cookies

I texted my mom first thing this morning on Valentine’s Day to see if there was a package on its way. I thought maybe it was late. But she quickly responded that there was not one coming…

I will start by recognizing that I am 100% spoiled in many ways, and for example, because my mom still likes to send me holiday packages – Halloween trail mix, Christmas advent calendar, Easter baskets, and the best, which is the Valentine’s Day package. One time, I even got a whole chocolate-chip banana bread that flew with a family friend to Nairobi, Kenya (when I lived there 3 years ago)!

IMG_4515For Valentine’s Day, my mom makes different sized, heart-shaped sugar cookies, ices them, and then paints funny things with red food coloring and a paint brush. Growing up, we would make them together, but since college, it was a package I would look forward to getting it in the mail. She would write notes to my roommates, friends and boyfriends, and I would share them on Valentine’s Day to whomever had been made a cookie.


I would laugh at the ones like “fart-blossom” or “Kiss-kiss.” The level of inappropriateness/silliness usually correlated with the amount of wine my mom and dad had during happy hour while writing on them.


IMG_6029But this year, I didn’t get one. Now that I am almost 28 years old, my mom innocently thought that I had outgrown them. That I was too old.

Well, I don’t think I will ever be too old.

IMG_6021My mom also told me that her mom (my grandmother) used to send her a chocolate easter egg, and one year, when my mom was about my age, she didn’t get an egg. Ever since that one year without the egg, my grandmother has sent the chocolate egg.

I think traditions are important. It’s something that makes us feel human, brings us together, reminds us of our love for each other. It’s not about the cookies (their taste, how many, ect.). It’s in the act of giving and receiving, sharing in those moments together.

IMG_6022And now, I know my mom knows the importance of this tradition, for us, and I’m sure another Valentine’s day will not go by without those heart-shaped cookies.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope we continue to share love in all of our days. Not just today.




4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Outgrow the Valentine’s Day Cookies

  1. As a mom, and a good friend of your mom, I just love this post. Also your mom and I have made cookies together sometimes that I know that she has sent to you. Unfortunately she had the flu this week or she could’ve come and decorated Valentine cookies with me. Your mom and I have had many discussions about how things change as your children become independent adults and the things they expect from you change as well. In my past Facebook posts today I saw that my daughter Elizabeth had put “my mom has been my valentine for 35 years “because I always send sent her frosted Valentine cookies. But ever since she’s had two children and my other children have had children I have switched the Valentine giving to the grandchildren. So be happy for the years that your mom sends you her cookies. I love that she puts such crazy sayings on them since she always seems so proper to most people. It’s so endearing to hear from our children that little things like this are the things they so look forward to and the memories they carry with them throughout their lives. Cool cookie pix on my Instagram acct if you’re interested.

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