A Hibernating Bear = Me in Winter

I’ve become like a hibernating bear.

Winter comes and I find myself wanting to stay inside. Bundled up in an electric blanket, with a book, a cup of tea, chocolate cookies, and warm taco soup. Not wanting to go outside. Staying in my cave, aka my cozy apartment, for as much of each day as possible.

I peek outside and all I see is “fake sun.” You know, the sun that looks beautiful, but is not warm, because you see what everyone else is wearing – long coats, hats, gloves, skis, poles…


I remember that it’s summer in Brazil and think back to the fond memories I have of living there two years ago. I dream about the beach. I think about the feeling of sand on my feet and the sound of the ocean in the morning.

I love to think when I’m sitting in my bed, looking outside towards Broadway, and being thankful to not be outside, fooled by the “fake sun.”

So, what do I do during my hibernation?


I started an online art class on Udemy (for just $15!). I thought that some drawing would get my creative juices going. I remember liking taking art classes in high school, and had found it enjoyable to make lines, shading and shapes into something that looked real. It’s been fun to explore this new-old artistic side of me, and I thought it might even inspire some better blog writing (…aren’t you sick of me yet?).

I am reading books. Some that have been on my pile for sometime, some that family had recommended to me, and others that I just picked up from the library.


And I am doing yoga almost everyday. Normally, I wake up at 6:30AM to run, but if it is less than 32 degrees, I don’t. Instead, I bought a groupon for a month of unlimited yoga by my office. It has been nice to get “stronger in my practice,” as a true yogi would say.

Come spring time, I will shed my blanket, and you will see me again, running in the park, having a glass of wine with you outside, and back enjoying being outside. For now, you know where to find me, or if you want to call me to drag me out of this winter hibernation…good luck with that…

Cheers to February being the shortest (and coldest) month of the year!



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