Chapter 879: Summer 2018

I’m not sure which chapter I am on anymore, so let’s call it 879.

Just as a brief recap, for those of you who need one (including myself sometimes!):

2014 – fell in love with a Colombian (Santiago) while working at the same consulting firm in Kenya

2015 – moved to Bogota, Colombia with my new found love

2016 – traveled in Brazil for 3 months before moving to New York with Santiago

Today, May 30, 2018 – I have quit my job in NYC and will be starting a two-year Masters in Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in August. Until then, I will be traveling with Santiago in Europe for the summer. Currently I am in London where Santiago has been studying for the past year at the London School of Economics. We are in London for two weeks before flying to Albania to spend 4 weeks traveling through Eastern Europe (Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria). I will come back to the U.S. by early August to get ready for the move to Boston.

Last week, I was home in Columbia, SC visiting my parents and friends. It was a wonderful time to recharge and spend some quality time with some of the people I love. I am very grateful to have had this time, and even to see our family dog Sushi Isabelle Voss, who is now 15 years old (quite a miracle dog!).

Like always, I will try and write once a week, keeping you up to date on my travels, thoughts and feelings.

I am on day two of jet lag, which I tried to jump start this morning with a run by the Thames and a coffee. Didn’t work quite a well as I would have liked, but I know it will become easier over the next few days. Looking forward to some (hopefully sunny) days to enjoy all that this city has to offer!

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