We are Too Many People

From New York, to now London, I am constantly reminded by how many people we are on this earth. In megacities like these, I can hardly walk down any given street without seeing another human.

We are so many people now, that we are starting to ruin what could be considered nice human experiences. Things like open air markets, museums, restaurants. In these places, that would be enjoyable to experience with space, time and leisure, we are now forced to share them with a an ever growing number of people. Flower markets where you find yourself standing still because there is a traffic jam of humans. Restaurants where the waiter is hovering over you to order so that he can turn the table over quicker. Museums where you have to wait in line to see some of the most spectacular art in history, and then elbowed out of the way by someone with a selfie stick. This is one characterization of the world we live in now. Well, the pessimistic view. Our overpopulated world.

However, I think it is also incredible that now for the first time ever in human history can people travel around the world with such ease. We can fly halfway across the world in some hours, to a different continent, country, city, often for just a couple hundred dollars. We can open our eyes to a different people’s food, habits, customs and lifestyle, and try and learn from it to improve the one and special life we each have. We are each unique individuals, and we can now learn much more easily about the culture of others from all around the world. Traveling teaches us to be more open minded to change, to ways of living, to thinking about life. Challenging our most rooted preconceived notions about how to live life.

While I am one of millions here in London, I am thankful to take part in the ease of life here – the open-air markets with specialty foods, flowers and coffee, the museums, running by the Thames, and enjoying time relaxing in parks. There is a wonderful quality of life here (as a visitor), which explains why so many others also flock to this one of a kind city.

Cheerio and until next week, when I will be heading to Albania!

One thought on “We are Too Many People

  1. Oma would be proud of your flower pictures!!! Glad you have a trip to the Colorado Rockies planned where Andrew, you , Dad and I can find a trail that you will NOT see another human being for the entire day! And the natural beauty is spectacular. Looking forward to that special time with you.


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