5 Savings Tips for Living in NYC

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world and continues to become increasingly more expensive to live in each year. I am incredibly grateful to have the means to live in this vibrant city, but there are a few things that I do to make sure I’m living within my means.


1.The Metro – Seriously, take it everywhere. I know its tempting to hop in a cab for $10, but if you buy the monthly unlimited metro card (for $116 per month…), then you should use it. Even with some simple math here, taking just one $10 cab per week for 52 weeks is $520 for the year…which ends up being a lot of money!


2. PB&J Sandwiches – or pack something else for lunch. Although there are lunch specials at many restaurants in the city, the lunch special still rings in at about $10-12 per meal. And then, you add tip and maybe split an appetizer with a coworker, which would make it $15 by the time you pay the bill. In comparison, a PB&J, apple and a granola bar still would only come out to about $1-1.50 per lunch.

FullSizeRender (3)

3. Groupon Gym – There are some great gym and workout class deals on Groupon for NYC. While the Equinox gym in my office building, costs north of $200 per month, I found a Groupon for $40 for a 3 month gym membership at a hotel gym, just 2 blocks from my office and on my walk home from the subway. This is perfect for the winter months, where I find it too cold to run outside.

Image result for sheraton gym nyc

4. Going Out to Eat – Try to eat at a restaurant just once during the weekend. How many brunches do you want to have in a life time? For me, paying $15 for an egg dish and then $10 for a mimosa one time, I get it. It was a pleasant experience, but I don’t need to do it every weekend. Think about the theory of diminishing marginal returns, the second fried chicken and pancake, doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as the first did…



5. Central Park  – And last, but certainly not least, probably my favorite thing in NYC, Central Park. One of the most magical, wonderful places we humans have created. Every time I take a jog or a bike ride through it, I am mesmerized by its beauty. There are so many lingering paths and hidden wonders. And it’s free, no park entrance fee here.



Saving money is not easy in NYC, given there is always a plethora of things to see and do. But it’s possible, and I hope these few tips might come in handy (even if you don’t live in the Big Apple)!

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