It’s Not About Where You Go…

…it’s about the people who you are with.

I would not have traveled all the way to India if it weren’t that I could share the experience with my dad. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to spend two weeks together. Special one-on-one time that is increasingly limited by our geographic distance and seemingly limited time. The adventure would have meant nothing if I would have been by myself.

DSC06521Being able to learn about Indian history, culture, religion and cuisine with my dad is hard to describe in words, to take in a photo, or to explain as an emotion. None of these things really can do justice to the experience that we shared.

Honestly, I really don’t even really know where to be begin, or what to say yet.

I can tell you that I am choking up writing this post. I am sitting here pushing keys on a computer with tears in my eyes, with a full and heavy heart, with trembling hands.

I can say that I feel so lucky to have such a loving and “full of life” dad. Someone who has taught me so much about how to be a kind person, a loving person, a gracious person. I felt so inspired by the kindness and respect he has for complete strangers, how he seeks to understand others, how he thirsts for knowledge of histories and ways of life, and the love he has for his family, and me.



I will say more about our trip to India in posts to come, but I just wanted to start with this. A sincere thank you to my dad, for sharing his time, his life and his love with me. I am grateful for everything that you have taught and given me in this life.




9 thoughts on “It’s Not About Where You Go…

  1. It’s not about where you go……… your thoughts touched my heart OLLIE, I really liked what you said about your dad. Poignant, indeed. YOU are a sweetie pie. love U…. GUMPSTER

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  2. Allie, I am so fortunate that we could share our “trip of a lifetime.” I do not know where to start with my thank yous. You picked a great adventure – one that I do not think everyone would savor like we did. The sites you picked for us were awesome for all of the senses. I too will treasure this trip forever. Lastly, thanks for the kind words about your “bumbling”, loving dad. And I love you too!

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  3. Dear Allie, your last posting was so beautiful. How wonderful to have that time with your dad. I never had a chance to do anything like that with my dad as he was done from my life when he was 54. I wondered why you wrote the blog “with a full and heavy heart….and trembling hands” I wonder why you feel that way. I have my own thoughts on why. You have a wonderful dad to be sure. I love him dearly………………..Anyway, I am glad the trip was so memorable. You are a very lucky young lady. BTW,our book club just finished a book that I think you might find interesting. Find Me Unafraid, by Odele and Posner. It is about a very remarkable and charismatic young man living Kibera slum in Nairobi. And a girl who goes to Kenya to work with this young man…………..need I say more???? Glad you are back. XXOO Nons

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