The Colors of India

I felt like I was on sensory overload for two weeks in India – the sights, the smells, the sounds, the feelings and the tastes.

The trip went: Delhi > Varanasi > Agra> Jaipur > Udaipur, and we were in each city about two days.

Here’s just a glimpse across the cities of what I saw.

















The exquisiteness of the details I found unlike anywhere else I had ever seen in the world. I feel that in every photo that I have captured a unique moment – snapshots of a history, culture and people that are distinct.

6 thoughts on “The Colors of India

  1. Love the photos. Color and chaos! Have enjoyed that each photo has sparked a story from your father! Wonderful to keep getting pieces and details of the trip! LOVE IT!!!

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  2. Allie, loved your pictures. The colors are outstanding and overwhelming. Where to look, so much to see. What a memorable adventure, even more fun to be with your Dad. Lucky girl!!!

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  3. Incredible pictures! I love the proliferation of bright color. I can see why my photog daughter has this high on her list. Her mother in law went a few months ago and said the noise level, poverty and crowds were hard to get used to.
    I love that you and your dad shared this adventure. A time you will never forget ( or regret)

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    1. Thanks Lynn! Glad you like the photos. Its really a unique part of the world and can be completely overwhelming with the amount of people and the chaos that comes with it. Im very thankful to have shared the trip with my dad 🙂


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