A Year Like No Other

2020 was a year that none of us will ever forget. No person has had the year that they originally expected, but I am extremely grateful for the many moments I could make this year and the time I had with family, friends and loved ones.

I got to finish my Harvard Masters degree with friends I will have for the rest of my life. Pre-pandemic we enjoyed going out to eat, going to talks on campus and having a fun time. During the pandemic, we scheduled outdoor barbecues around when there might be sunshine and had gin and tonics and wine together outside on blankets or on porches.

I escaped to the Caribbean on spring break just as the pandemic hit in March…the same week the State Department called all Americans to come back as soon as possible…we boarded the flight back to Boston the next day to enjoy the rest of winter with a bit of a tan.

Get togethers with friends changed a bit. We would find ourselves in CVS excited about toilet paper and would text everyone we knew. I remember buying some cans of soup and tea in this moment.

I started a speechwriting class on Fridays completely online, but a friend and I would get together to have chinese food and then tune into class from 1-4pm. We would play music and dance in the breaks and eat ice cream.

I started an online yoga teacher training and started teaching two friends in Harvard Yard on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We would play music and flow together and then sit around and watch people pass by.

Wednesdays once the weather got a bit warmer. Four friends would bike and get takeout and eat outside. We always went to a new place and always had a lot of laughs.

I graduated from Harvard Kennedy School virtually in May and decorated my whole apartment for the special day. I went on a run that morning, got a bug in my eye at the point farthest away, but that didnt get me down. I made signs for Kevin and I and we had champagne and cake to celebrate. I wore my high school cap and gown that my mom managed to find deep in my closet at home.

I moved back to my childhood home in June. I am grateful to have spent two months at home with my parents and my Sushi Isabelle girl (now 17 years old doggie). I would cook once a week, which normally entailed opening salad bags all over myself and generally making a mess. My parents thanked me for reintroducing them back to regular pasta. We had a great time together, hiking on isolated trails, doing yoga in basement, running in the park and having intellectual conversations and nonintellectual conversations.

August I made it to Colombia to be with my beloved once again. My heart is overflowed with joy being together again. We have a great time passing through life – cooking, watching movies, making jokes, running or biking together, talking and enjoying each others company.

I finish the year again grateful.

Full of thankfulness for the people who made this year special amidst all its challenges.

Sending all my love.

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