An Introvert’s Dream – – Staying Home

My mom, one of the most extroverted people I know, always wonders how she ended up with three introverted children, who oftentimes would prefer staying in with a good book to going out with friends.

I was one of those college students that would sometimes stay home watching a movie with a roommate on a Friday night, and would tell friends that I wanted to stay home to paint my nails and read magazines (which I still do).

I have not been home in New York much this past month, and last weekend, I was very excited to have my mom  in town. While we had a great time together, I am exhausted from all the activity from the past few weeks, and I feel like a might just turn into a pumpkin! Just in time for Halloween…


My “introverted” weekend may involve making some taco soup (a Voss classic!), sleeping in, some running, a bit of yoga, reading books, maybe watching some TV, and spending time with my roommate.


Our society does not typically look highly on those who need a bit more alone time. The question always is “what are you doing this weekend?” and admitting that you are going to “hibernate” and not do anything is oftentimes embarrassing to admit.

I guess what I would like to say is to let people decide for themselves what they think they need, and don’t be too quick to judge someone who doesn’t have plans. Maybe they just need some time to relax and think to themselves.

I’m thankful to have the luxury of a peaceful apartment to be able to clear my head and get some rest on this beautiful fall weekend in New York.

And to all those introverts out there, I hope you take the time for yourself too 🙂


2 thoughts on “An Introvert’s Dream – – Staying Home

  1. Yes indeed I have pondered how I have raised 3 introverts! But you must remember that your father was extremely shy when I met him so you do come by it naturally! I think this issue is complicated as I think people can be very outgoing and gregarious but prefer and feel more comfortable in smaller groups so I am not sure if that means they are still introverted. Sometimes I think being shy is equated with introversion, yet often that is more of insecurity problem. There is a good TED talk, by Susan Cain that I will link to here about the power of introverts- it is a nice way to look at your own life, where you get your energy and how we can better fit in in a work place or in society.


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