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How to Dress Like a New York Woman

As a follow up to my post on “How to Dress Like a Colombian Woman“, I wanted to get some tips on how to blend in as a New York woman. I asked my friend Jamie, who has lived in the big apple for the past 3+ years for a bit of style advice, and this is what she had to say.


1. Layers – Hot and cold, sweaty and chilly, calm and windy, sunny and overcast. You will feel a myriad of temperatures in NYC. When it’s 90 degrees outside, your office might be 65. Layers are also a must, as the weather starts to turn to winter. Better button up and pack a scarf!

2. The Commuter Sneaker – If you wear heels to work, you’ll likely want a pair of flats or sneakers that you can easily stuff in your purse for a walking-intense commute. Most New Yorkers have an average of a 48 minute commute to work (and that’s one way!), so having comfortable shoes to get you from the metro to your office is a must.
3. Diverse Function Clothing – There’s always something going on in NYC, even on weeknights. It’s good to wear things to work that you can transition to wearing to a happy hour, dinner or even a concert.
4. Dark or neutral colors – People in NYC often avoid bright colors and prints. Black, navy, and neutral colors are great staples to have in your wardrobe. Maybe it’s the grey outside that provides an inspiration for the grey attire?
5. Athleisure –  You’ll also see a lot of people in “athleisure” during the day on weekends, as people are walking around after a workout class, running errands or just want to wear something more comfortable. Athleisure, or as my mom calls it her “running costume”, is workout attire that is worn when you are not working out. I’ve totally embraced this weekend look, particularly when I’m planning on walking around Central Park.
At the end of the day, though, NYC is a pretty crazy place, so you can get away with wearing more or less whatever you want. From fashion forward outfits to truly eccentric costumes, you’ll see the full spectrum just walking down the street.
If you are planning on moving to NYC or just visiting for a few days, hope you find these few tips useful!

3 thoughts on “How to Dress Like a New York Woman

  1. I was quoted AGAIN in your blog!!!! I am feeling very relevant today. Thanks for making my exercise costume everyday language!
    AND your pictures of fashion and the streets of NYC are wonderful. You are spectacular!


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