Elephants, Giraffes, Ostriches….Oh My!

I was very spoiled this weekend to have gotten to see a myriad of animals without even having to leave my own city!

Saturday began with a trip to the elephant orphanage.  The orphanage is for baby elephants who had been abandoned or separated from their mothers.  Most of them unfortunately had been orphaned due to poaching.


The youngest elephants like the one above were as young as two months old.  This one was really cute and hanging by one of the keepers.

DSC02197 DSC02218 DSC02232

It was fun to see the elephants rolling around in the mud playing. Elephants really are quite wrinkly, ugly animals, but the babies were very cute and clumsy to watch.  A lot of them had a hard time getting out of the mud puddle and would run around and keep slipping until they found a way out.

We then went to the giraffe center where you can feed the giraffes.  I even saw some kids put the giraffe food in their mouths and “kiss” the giraffes (I wasn’t feeling so daring…).


I was intrigued to learn that giraffe tongues are about 20 inches long and purple!


What I also learned is that the warthogs often hang around giraffes because they have very poor eyesight and aren’t very smart animals so they can use the giraffe’s height to make sure they don’t get eaten for lunch…


Sunday, I went on another day adventure with some new friends.  Our first stop was the Kitengela Glass Factory just about an hour outside of Nairobi.  While I had fully expected it to be a museum, I was pleasantly surprised by a cute little house in a magical-looking forest.  We spent the morning learning about how they melted the glass into beautiful mosaics, lamps, vases and more.DSC02278 DSC02287 DSC02294 DSC02316

In the afternoon, we went to an ostrich farm where we were going to have ostrich for lunch as well as ride ostriches.  In typical Kenya fashion, they didn’t actually have any ostrich to eat.  The waitress mentioned something about how you have to change an ostrich’s diet 2 weeks before you kill it because they normally eat a high protein diet of fish pellets and for the ostrich meat not to taste like fish you have to feed it something else for those two weeks…apparently, they hadn’t timed this very well for our visit.  Never fear though, we still were able to eat an ostrich egg which we were told fed 8 people but probably could have fed 10-12.  As we were leaving, we were asked if we wanted to keep the ostrich egg which we ate and someone in our group had to get a permit to make sure we didn’t get arrested for poaching an ostrich egg.


Riding an ostrich felt similar to riding a horse just much more unstable and I had two guides running/walking with you around the ring.  Very similar to a little kids pony ride except an ostrich…P1080700

I was very happy to have made some new friends and to have gone on exciting adventures.  Looking forward to seeing what other gems I can find while I am here!

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