Forever a Beach Bum

There is something about soft sand, the sound of the waves, and walking endlessly on the beach that will always enchant me.  The beach will always be my home away from home.

Last weekend, I went to Diani Beach on the coast of Kenya.  While tourists are no longer coming to Kenya due to fears of Ebola and terrorists attacks, I was able to enjoy an empty beach.




One of the days, we went out with Captain Lemon on his boat made from a mango tree for some snorkeling and sailing.  For just $10, we were able to be on the boat most of the afternoon.  I felt like I was part of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie sailing on this wood ship.DSC02419

I find camels to be very odd animals and seeing them on the beach was even stranger to me.  I picture camels in the desert with the sand blowing.  Nonetheless, I took a few photos of them, but chose not to ride them since I really envision my first time riding a camel being in an actual desert, not the beach. I just don’t feel like they belong on the beach for some reason.


Overall, a wonderful, relaxing trip to the beach.  So much so that I will be heading to Zanzibar this coming weekend!


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