One Month In

Things I have loved in my first month in Kenya:

  • Hearing music everywhere you go whether it be a radio or music form a church you can overhear
  • Getting to see fireworks from my new porch for a Trade Show going on this week
  • Everyone all dressed up on Sunday from going to church
  • The smell of burning trash – Yes, I know this is an odd thing to like the smell of…
  • Learning basic Swahili
  • Chipati – Like naan but thinner, more greasy, and all in all not healthy
  • Jacararunda trees – Beautiful purple trees
  • Buying fruits and vegetables from the “farmers market” aka the lady on the side of the road (bananas are 15 cents each)
  • Sweet bananas – little baby bananas that are about 3 bites
  • Buying fresh avocados for 30 cents
  • The track I found up the road where people wear the oddest things to walk/run in
  • Africa Yoga Project – Great organization that empowers young people in Kenyan slums through yoga, creating a community and mentorship to help create jobs). I went to their free 2 hour yoga class on Saturday along with 200 other people. It was very moving and great energy.  Check out their website here:
  • Good Indian food – there is a huge Indian population here in Kenya and I found a really great restaurant with pretty good wine too (In general, wine in Nairobi has been fairly disappointing…)

I found a new apartment this week!  I am living with a couple who have been living here for 6 months.  The women is from Honduras and the man is from Australia. They are both super friendly and welcoming to have me in their lovely apartment. There is a ton of space and I love a lovely room situated so that the sun comes peering in first thing in the morning

DSC02185 DSC02188 DSC02193 DSC02194 DSC02195


One thought on “One Month In

  1. Congrats on your new phone!! I love reading your posts and can’t wait to here more! Maybe I can ship you a bottle of wine from the states 🙂


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