How About Just a Glimpse?

Do you remember waiting every week for that new episode of Friends? Do you remember waking up on the weekend excited to watch your Saturday morning cartoons?

We now live in a time where binge watching and consuming tv, media and news has become normal. It’s impossible to get on Facebook without reading the breaking news or the political opinion of your friends. It’s difficult to stop watching a tv show on Netflix because it only gives you a few seconds before it starts on the next episode without you ever clicking anything.

What if we purposefully created media like we did just a few years ago? Media where we consumed it gradually, where we got excited by the idea of what might come next rather than instant gratification.

This is what myself and my good friend Rebec are trying to do with our new artistic endeavor Glimpse. Our hope is that we start to move the needle about how societies consume media and use storytelling as a means of educating communities about important issues, like that of climate change.

Our first story is that of Una Fox. Una is a 10 year old girl, who loves nature, plants and animals. She has spunky purple hair, but has a green streak that is a tad unruly. We aren’t going to spoil too much at this point, you will have to tune into her story to learn more about her journey.


So how do you follow the Story of Una Fox? Every week we will be posting a “glimpse” into Una’s life on instagram, and you can find it here: Wednesdays at 7:08 EST we will release a new post – a new piece of the story, a view into a ficticious and perhaps futuristic world in which Una lives.

Through Glimpse, and the Story of Una Fox, we hope to bring back the appreciation of the art of storytelling. Bringing hope to new generations, who we need to help solve tough challenges facing our globe, as well as to older generations, who might look forward to hearing stories.

Weekly posts through the Story of Una Fox are glimpses into lives, art and ideas. We hope that you might find some joy taking part in this journey with us.

One thought on “How About Just a Glimpse?

  1. How can one follow Una Fox without instagram? Low tech people trying to protect themselves from the evil of social media? Like me and Nons!


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