How I Feel at 28

While I was in college, I was convinced that 27 was going to be my peak year. I dreamed that at 27 I would be successful (not sure doing what), fit, in love with someone, have a small group of friends and most importantly be very happy. I felt as a young 20-year-old that I never wanted to party as much as my friends, wanted to go to bed at 10pm, and was often very excited to get up to run on a Sunday morning at 9am, when everyone else was still in bed. I thought that as a 27 year old, I would be less judged for my “grandma” tendencies and how I liked to live would be considered more “normal” for my age.

Last week I turned 28, and I wanted to take the time to reflect on how I feel now that I am 28-years-old.

I feel calm. Much calmer than 2-3 years ago. I don’t worry so much about little details that don’t really matter, like if I have a zit on my face or if I forgot to wear earrings outside. I don’t get anxious about anything at work, or what a stranger or acquaintance might think of me. I am more relaxed, and I tend to want to do much less in a day, being content to have days completely at home where I would cook, read and watch a movie.

I feel thankful. I get choked up writing that I am happy, because I feel so incredibly lucky to have the life that I do. To have the people in my life, especially my friends and family. To have the opportunities that I have. I am more grateful and more aware of all that I have.

I feel excited. Excited about going to Harvard in a few weeks. Excited to study again, to learn new things, to challenge my preconceptions, to meet new people, and to grow my mind.

I feel in love. In love with Santiago. In love with my friends and family. In love with the world that we live, the cities, the people, the food, the cultures. In love with life.

I feel happy. Even when things are not “perfect” or something does not meet my expectations, deep in my heart, I am happy. My external environment doesn’t change my internal happiness.

I have a lot of peace in my heart.

Even though I thought 27 would be my best year in life, I think that the best is still to come 🙂

4 thoughts on “How I Feel at 28

  1. Allie, you comment on a human condition that never ends, thankfully. I find similar thoughts pollinating my mind at thirty, forty, fifty. I hope at each of your self-imposed milestones that you never feel completely fulfilled. That way you will continue to search for more in your life. More information, more love, more experience, more connections. (not more money or material trappings). That way you will always stay inquisitive, with a childlike wonder about the world and the marvels yet to discover.

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    1. Uncle Kevin, I’m glad to hear that I have a whole lifetime for these feelings! Hope you guys will enjoy the time together next week at the reunion. I am sad to be missing it.


  2. Glad you are so content! Its a gift. Most people are always looking for something- something better, or something to fill a void in their lives. How wonderful at such a young age you feel so comfortable in your own skin and with who you are and all the adventure ahead of you!

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