How I Spent One Month in the Balkans and Eastern Europe

I just finished a wonderful, one month trip to the Balkan Peninsula and Eastern Europe with Santiago. Here are the places we visited and a few photos!

Tirana and Kruje, Albania (2 days)

Dhermi, Albania (3 days)

Kotor, Montenegro (4 days)

Mostar, Bosnia (2 days)

Sarajevo, Bosnia (4 days)

Belgrade, Serbia (4 days)

Budapest, Hungary (4 days)

Bratislava, Slovakia (2 days)

Vienna, Austria (2 days)

These countries are just a small piece of this beautiful world, and I am very thankful to have learned more about their long histories, culture and people. Many of these countries have very tumultuous histories of war, communism and unrest. It was interesting to see and learn about these histories and understand how it has impacted the lives of the people who live there today.

For the next two weeks I will be off on another adventure to see Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania!

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