Now What?

That’s it. Like the blink of an eye, like it never happened, I was no longer in Brazil. Sitting on my parent’s couch in Columbia, South Carolina, I couldn’t help feel that time moves by faster than we can truly understand it.

I leave for New York City next week, where I will start by finding an apartment and a job. I am incredibly excited to see what this next chapter of life opens up for me. I will never forget the experiences I have had, getting to see and experience the world around me. I am incredibly grateful for loving family and friends, who never left my side and were supportive of my life decisions.

Thank you for everyone who has touched my life in someway. My heart is full and at peace knowing that we are capable of loving each other more than we can ever love ourselves. Keep understanding intent and prioritizing happiness, as we all continue on this journey of life.


I don’t know how I will use this blog going forward. I love sharing my adventures and thoughts with those who choose to read them, but will need to take some time to get settled in a new rhythm of life in NYC.

Time will tell, as it always does, what will happen.

3 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Please keep blogging. Just because you’re not in another part of the world doesn’t mean you don’t have experiences and thoughts to share! I have enjoyed your blog so much!


    1. Thanks Lynn! I am glad you have enjoyed the blog so much!

      I love writing the blog, so I will do my best to continue to post as able. It probably just won’t be as often with my new job in NYC.

      PS thanks for the cookies!


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