Small Towns

Why is it that so many people live in cities, but whenever given the chance escape to small towns? Through the history of time, more and more people have been flocking to big cities. But somehow, I feel our hearts long for the tranquility of somewhere less hectic. Somewhere without the background noise of cars, horns, planes, and people.

It seems that every country I have been to, there has been a “little town” (well, or more than one…). The one were the locals go to to flee the hustle and bustle of city life. In Bogota, people have country homes, where it’s a bit warmer in the valleys. In Uruguay and Buenos Aires, people go to Colonia. In Brazil, there are a few options, given the country is so big. In the south, people go to Florianopolis. From Rio and Sao Paulo, people go to Paraty.

Paraty is an old colonial town, which was inhabited by the Portuguese starting in the 1600s. It became an important town for exporting gold from the neighboring region. Now, it is a popular tourist destination for Brazilians and world travelers, looking to get lost in its cobble stone streets and share a seafood stew with a loved one on the beach.







I will think back to these days in little towns, remembering the slowness of life, getting lost in the history, and taking the time to enjoy the beauty of the world. Particularly, when I will be living a very different lifestyle in NYC in just a few weeks!

One thought on “Small Towns

  1. You are going to go thru culture shock!!!!!
    Looking forward to having you back in the US of A in just a few days!!!


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