Go Fish!

Five days in Florianopolis, and I was starting to feel like I could get used to living in this slow, fisherman town. Little roads, soft, white sand beaches, mountainous terrain aside the tumultuous sea, and a leisurely pace of life. “A vacation for the vacation”, as I called it, since we weren’t taking any portuguese classes.

While the weather was a bit chilly (about 60 degrees F), as winter is approaching, the days were filled with wandering through Barra da Lagoa (where we stayed on the eastern part of the island), walking down the beach, climbing tall, stark white beach dunes, watching the fisherman organize the fish caught as the sun began to set, and eating said fish with a nice cold glass of beer with my toes buried in the sand.

Florianopolis is in the South of Brazil and an easy and beautiful destination for Argentinians, Uruguayans, and Brazilians, looking for a relaxing place to hit the beach. During the summer months, it’s packed with tourists, looking to soak up some rays and surf some waves. For us, it was relaxing stop on the trip, but we kept our jackets on and saved some sunscreen for our next stop Rio de Janiero!












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