Chapter 2: Colombia

I had never liked blogs. I had always looked at them as a sort of self-centered means of sharing and writing, since anyone and everyone can write a blog. Additionally, I never understood who these blog readers were and what they were looking for. Were they trying to learn something? Ultimately, I wanted to know what readers were they trying to get out of blogs?

I started this blog a year ago to keep family and friends updated and connected to my life while I was living in Kenya. I did this almost half-heartedly as a number of family members and friends had encouraged me that it was a good way to keep those that I loved informed. However, now as I have chosen to continue to live an international life, being now in Colombia, I have recognized the benefit of having a blog.

Firstly, I find it a good way to share information and thoughts with my family and friends. After just returning from Thanksgiving at my parent´s house, I was warmed by the fact that my grandmother had read my blog and was able to talk about some of the work I was doing with clean cookstoves. I can see now that the information that I include in a blog can be a starting point for a deeper conversation and helps bring those who you would like to discuss topics with to the same level of understanding.

Secondly, I have realized that most of my family and friends want to understand more about the world, but they don´t have a means of doing so. While there is plenty of information in the news (politics, security, ect), there isn´t a good resource to understand how people live, what the culture is like, and how do people live in a particular country or city in their day-to-day lives. We live in a global world, and I think it enhances our lives to understand how other people live and why they do the things they do. Because at the end of the day, maybe people in a particular region are doing something that could make others happier and live a more enriched life too.

Lastly, and a bit selfishly, continuing this blog is a means for me to consolidate and analyze my own thoughts. It´s a way for me to think about my experiences and life and to be able to connect and share them with the people I love, my family and friends.

This blog is public, so if there are others who are reading my posts and would like to connect, I would love to hear your story and what you want to know about me, about life, about the countries I am and have lived in, and/or what you are interested in.

That´s all for now. I will try to post once a week focusing on life, love, culture, work, and this global world in which we live.  I would love to hear about what you are interested in reading about and I am excited to use this blog as a means to connect and share with all of you!

…and welcome to my home in Bogota!

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