Remembering Why You are Here

One thing that stuck me from my first week of orientation was: “don’t forget why you came here.” I am already in my second week of class, and I already feel myself slipping into a constant stream of thinking about the work – the problem sets, the readings, the presentations, class discussions, and finding a…… Continue reading Remembering Why You are Here


The Tip of South America – – La Guajira

Before flying back to the frozen tundra, as I sometimes refer to my new home in Boston, I spent 4 days in the northern most part of South America called la Guajira. This part of Colombia is indigenous territory and in the Colombian constitution does not fall under its jurisdiction. This area is extremely poor…… Continue reading The Tip of South America – – La Guajira


Jason Spindler – – One Person’s Impact on a Life

One week ago, I was shocked to hear that Jason Spindler, my boss at I-DEV International was killed in a terrorist attack. It has taken me this week to process the injustice and horror of what happened and also to reflect on the impact that Jason had on my life. Before meeting Jason, I was…… Continue reading Jason Spindler – – One Person’s Impact on a Life