Never the Same

No one day is the same, but they sometimes feel like they are, especially in the pandemic. I try to wake up slowly and not let anxiety take root in the first few minutes. I wonder what is happening today in the world – how are the coronavirus cases? how are countries reopening? are businesses…… Continue reading Never the Same


Keeping the Fire

I don’t have many words to share right now. Reflecting. Talking with friends and family. Making art. Disorienting. Strange. Walking. Running. Moving through mediation. RUNNING. Saying goodbye. Goodbye, Cambridge. No rather, goodbye, friends in Cambridge. No rather see you later, my dears. Gathering strength. Rising! Keeping the fire going into the first day of summer…… Continue reading Keeping the Fire


No, no, no, Intent Has Never Been Enough. We Must Act.

I started my two years at the Harvard Kennedy School writing about how impact was more important than intent. On orientation day, I was reminded that people cannot see your intentions, they can only see your actions. Today, black Americans in this country need us, white people, to act, our intentions are not enough. Our…… Continue reading No, no, no, Intent Has Never Been Enough. We Must Act.