Being Where You Are

Where are you?

But really, where are you?

Is it a chair?

What’s around you?

What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear?

We are generally so unaware of ourselves, of others, of the world around us. But much of what we do requires our awareness – our jobs, our relationships, our activities/hobbies. And doing a good job at any of them requires us to be present, to dedicate time, and to be aware of our actions.

I have found the pandemic, in particular the virtual-ness of many of our activities (largely work), to feel distancing for some of my relationships for those with whom I am not physically with. When I spend my working time in the computer, I often don’t feel the energy to spend more time looking into a screen or talking over the phone to connect with friends and family. And it’s not that I don’t want to catch up, it’s that the screen seems to drain energy – energy which we all sometimes find ourselves low on in these changing days.

Over the past few months, I have become more aware of where I physically am. The people who I am with, the activities I decide to do (write, draw, work, etc.), how I eat, how I sleep, when I dance (medicine for the soul!), and my connection of my body, mind and spirit with others and the world around me. When I was home with my parents, when I was not working like a crazy person (working 2 jobs for a while, a part-time internship and a full time job), I spent my time largely with them. I now spend much of my time with my beloved Santiago. The presence, the awareness of the soul and connection with those physically around us can give us new energy, can renew our spirit and lift us up, even when there are many things happening in the world around us that feel heavy. We don’t have to hold the heaviness alone, and we shouldn’t try to. We always have each other, to find the energy to rise day by day and shine our light into the world.

And perhaps we should all start by finding out where we are. Where are you? Where is your heart? your mind? your soul?

Be where you are, wherever you are, and find peace in that place, that moment, this moment. Many blessings, wishes and hopes my dears.

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