The Final Chapter, Yet Again

It doesn’t get easier, but I do anticipate them much more – the endings. Even Santiago told me when I was accepted to Harvard that it was already over, that I should picture graduation before I had even stepped foot on the campus. I trusted him because he had just finished his 2-year Masters program. And in someways, he was right.

The days passed, the time trailed by, with one great sadnesses of not being able to share in moments with people. People – who are not in sight – but present in our of hearts and minds.


But these friendships and our love for one another, no coronavirus can kill. So as we go out into this world, and as Harvard asks us to “depart to serve better they country and thy kind,” I hope to share in love for each other – no matter how big or small the gesture.


And so this is not an ending, because we are always part of beginnings at the same time.

We walk through the gates, not as an end, but also as a beginning. Each day anew, we are continually reshaping our lives with each passing day. Every time we wake up in the morning, we have the opportunity to do something with our time, with our days and with our lives.



So thank you Harvard. No, but really, thank you to the people who made this Harvard for me – the people who were physically here and those who are always connected with me in my conversations, my thoughts, my heart and our shared history.

You will forever be a part of my life.

And we are still just getting started, each day that we are alive.


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