I Fell Asleep, Again

I normally tell myself that I have to wake up, early. Whether deep down I am truly a morning person, I may never know because I have convinced myself year over year that I am. Well, and if I am really being honest with myself, it’s because mostly I look forward to having a cup of coffee upon getting out of bed.


However, these past few weeks, I have let myself sleep. I have eaten breakfast and gone back to bed. I have slept for 2 hours in the afternoons. I have closed my eyes for 5-10 minutes while reading a book. I have decided against exercising on days where I felt tired. I have rested.


In a world where we are rewarded and expected always to be doing things, it’s easy to forget to give yourself the rest your body and mind might need. When you ask me what I am doing in Colombia this month, I will tell you that I am resting, sleeping and taking care of my body, heart and mind, so that I can continue to do the things that I love, study the things I want to learn, and hopefully be the best person I can be.

We get so distracted by what we should be doing, what others tell us we should do, and we easily forget to listen to ourselves – to what our bodies are telling us we need.



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