After You Have Thrown Up On Yourself

I was getting nervous about the nonsense.

My mind was moving quickly, jumping from idea to idea. My past, my future…what am I doing with my life?


About a week ago, I didn’t feel quite right. Chills, stomach ache, and then, I puked all over myself. All over my bed. My bedroom slippers sticky with banana.

My “doctor” aka mom said it was maybe norovirus…I hadn’t a clue…

I couldn’t see well. My vision was like I had grey shades on, blocking out the color.

And then I forgot the silly stuff.

What color were my nails? Were my hair roots showing?

I forgot. I forgot about what I looked like. I sat in my filth and was blank, like a white cinder-block wall. Nothing, feeling like I was an origami that was being unfolded.


An origami that was really just a piece of paper.

I had gotten sick like everyone else. That I was paper like everyone else. That I will find death one day like everyone else.

I won’t forget again how weak paper can be. How weak and vulnerable we all are.

But how we have to get back up and make ourselves into origami, everyday we can. Because otherwise we are just paper, and there is already too much paper.

Be grateful for your strength. Use it to be strong in this world.

I’m back my friends and family. Back…and still thinking about life…




2 thoughts on “After You Have Thrown Up On Yourself

  1. Getting sick really reminds us of our common humanity. Sometimes when we get full of ourselves we have to remember that we really are all essentially equal! I remember when I had the flu this winter and I called in sick for the first time in 25 years how I thought the world would most likely come to an end because I didn’t go to work that day. It was very humbling as really no one seemed to notice that I wasn’t there. And everything went on without me without a hitch. It’s amazing how illness levels the playing field! And it’s so humbling and brings us back into perspective. Yes we are all just human!

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