Dazzling Dubai


I am completely and utterly blown away by the world, and I am incredibly grateful to have the privilege to get to see and experience so many different cultures and histories.

This past week, I was in Dubai for a financial crimes training for work, and when I wasn’t working, I was out exploring the city and the surrounding area. I found myself getting lost in the streets of the old town, walking through the gold and spice markets, feeling as if I were taking a trip back in time. I was in the desert, bumping through the sand dunes and riding on a camel. I was watching the fountain shows, with holographic lights in-synch with music.

Dubai is an interesting city – one that was built up in the desert, more or less overnight. The city has exploded the past 10-20 years, emerging as a global financial hub. The UAE is also highly diverse with about 90% of its 9 million population being foreign-born.

There is so much more I could say about Dubai and the UAE, but instead of writing more now, I will start with some pictures from the trip. Enjoy….and more to come, I promise…













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