You Are Writing Your Own Story

I remember back in September 2014 when my sister was trying to help me come up with a blog name, and she told me that it should be something short and relevant. First, I had come up with some silly names with animal titles since I was headed to Africa, and then I thought that I really wanted this blog to be called “Finding Purpose,” but the issue was that there were too many other websites already called that. So, then I landed on “Understanding Intent,” because it was similar in meaning.

“Understanding Intent” has included tales of my life journey. This story I am sharing with you. This story that I am creating. This story I am developing for myself with you, because my story is nothing without you. And it is YOU who make my story worth living and who give me a sense of belonging and meaning.

I watched this Ted Talk this week, and it really connected with me. I hope you can find 12 minutes to watch it.

Happiness is not the goal of life. Happiness comes and goes. It’s impermanent like so many things in life.

What stays with you is your sense of belonging (family and friends), your purpose (actions, maybe your job or volunteering), your transcendence (church, running, art), and your story.

I hope that you are writing a beautiful story for yourself, editing out the sections you don’t like, and creating magic with what you chose to include in your narrative.

I hope your smiling knowing that this is your uniquely special life.


2 thoughts on “You Are Writing Your Own Story

  1. Also meant to say that I’ve been listening to the Dali Lama and he says “the purpose of life is to find happiness”. How can we reconcile your thoughts that happiness is transient and fluctuates with that?


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