Why Dogs Are So Wonderful

IMG_1035My family lost one of our dogs last week unexpectedly, and since then I have been thinking a lot about how dogs bring so much joy to our lives.

They come running to greet us when we are home.

They sit beside us (or on us…) when we watch t.v. or cuddle up with a book.


They bring us a ball because they want to play.

They bark at squirrels and birds to protect us.

They look at us with beady little eyes, and we wonder what they would say if they could talk.


They are the best help in the kitchen. They never leave a crumb behind.

We laugh at them when they get so dirty in the yard and then come back inside with a guilty demeanor, knowing they are going to have to take a bath.


But the most wonderful thing about having a dog is that they love unconditionally, with no expectation that you will love them back. They have the most loyal and genuine hearts.

They will always love you. When they are sick, they will love you. When they are tired and sleeping, they will love you, wagging their tails in their sleep. When you get home from work late, they will love you. When you have had a terrible day, they will love you. They have so much capacity to love.

Here is to Ella, the little fluff-ball, “ju-ja” bug, buggie bug, our “dumb-blond” of the family and snuggle-pie. Thanks for being there for us. You brought a lot of joy to our family.


4 thoughts on “Why Dogs Are So Wonderful

  1. You captured the bond and love between dog and its human family with your words and photo memories. The memories are what help us move through the grief that is naturally occurring. Hugs over cyberspace to Ella’s humans and dog buddy.


  2. Ella was a sweetheart. Pure love. not always the brightest, but always the sweetest. I never saw her grumpy or unhappy, always wanting to be with Sushi her friend and mentor. Ella was a treasure, a gift, a blessing.


  3. I was doing so well with my grief ….. what a beautiful post! I know we all loved little Ella Bella and she brought so much joy to our lives. You articulated so well all the ways a dog enriches our lives. She was an important part of our family. Even Sushi Isabelle misses her. Thanks for honoring her with such a beautiful blog post.


  4. Happy Day… Allie. You know we are “Dog People”, especially Gump. Always had dogs, grew up with dogs.. all of them brought joy to my life. I loved Ella Bean too…. more affectionate than most. I have written to Trac and Frank, expressing our condolences. Loved the Article.. so true. And thanks again for your birthday wishes… helped make my day, which was a hum-dinger. Memorable. TAke care.. stay well my first born granddaughter that occupies a warm spot in my heart. Gump the Lump… ole bonk on the beezer guy.


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