5 Things I Love About Bogota

1. Biodiversity of the city – I love that they let the plants and flowers grow wild, over fences, buildings, sidewalks, you name it. Nature is free to blaze its path here.

IMG_2922 (1)

2. Stunning buildings – Passing this school building everyday on my walk to work. It looks like something out a fairy tale book. I always find myself slowing down for a few steps to awe.


3. Sunday ciclovia – where they close all the main roads in the morning until 2pm, so that people can ride, skate, run, walk, or whatever they want to do in the streets. Nice to always see so many people out and about.


4. Christmas lights  – the lights illuminate the city. This is just one little shop by my apartment that has a nice tree and very bright, white lights. Seeing all the lights, just gets me into the Christmas spirit, even when I’m miles from home.


5. Best coffee in the world  – Azahar coffee sources from some of the rural regions of Colombia and has a little coffee shop/trailer close to one of the parks in my neighborhood. It’s always nice to stop after lunch and try their new roasts.

IMG_2590 (1)



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