A Chorizo for Breakfast

Welcome to the land of meat!

Where a chorizo for breakfast may only be ok, if you are a tourist. But the meat is so good, the word “vegetable” might just slip your mind. Where a milanesa, or breaded veal, is the typical lunch food served with some fries or potato. Where a steak can be cut with a spoon, it’s such high quality. Where the Malbec is $5 a bottle.

All I can say it that, the Argentinians know how to eat well. They aren’t wasting anytime with new foods like acai berries or quinoa. They have been eating and drinking like this for decades, so there must be something to it!

DSC04922Papas soufle (or puffed potatoes, with holes inside)

DSC04923Milanesa (thin chicken, veal, or beef breaded, and a what appears to be a too-big-to-eat portion)

DSC04943Here starting out with a little Malbec wine, which goes well with the steak we ordered (and not pictured, because I was busy eating it…)


DSC05023Choripan, a chorizo (pork sausage, that looks like a hot dog) in a baguette with some chimichuri (salsa like condiment with spices)


DSC05024Feeling as if I were in a little Paris cafe, sipping my morning black coffee 🙂

Buenos Aires is like the Paris of South America, however, with a feeling as if the jazz music has stopped, and the hoodlums have come in and graffiti-ed up the Monet painting. As if the Renoir dancers have stepped out of the painting for a smoke break, and what is left remains the beauty of the detailing in the dance studio.

The beauty is still there, but the magic seems to have faded and tarnished. The European style architecture is prevalent as you walk throughout the city, but the modern day sketching and vulgarities have yet to be wiped clean to restore the once enchanting scene.






This above was our home for a week, thanks to Airbnb. Traveling has become so much more affordable and easy these days thanks to this company that lets you rent other people’s apartments or spare rooms. And below are some lovely images from our vine-covered back porch, where we could sit after a long day walking around the city.




A wise grandmother, my Oma, once told me that the best way to see a city was to walk it. Here are some of the great sites we saw, when walking around on our own two feet…







Didn’t take any tours, didn’t have any tour guides. No bus rides. No overpriced tourist shows. Just walked. Eyes open. Heart and mind free from distractions. Appreciating the beauty of the city.

Buenos Aires, it’s been a wonderful visit. Feeling full and drunk from all your fine meats, potatoes and wines.

Now, boating across the river to Uruguay to see what more we can find…

3 thoughts on “A Chorizo for Breakfast

  1. Loved reminiscing through your photos and discoveries of Argentina. I enjoyed my visit there as well. What great memories you are making, and what wonderful insights you will have about yourself and the world around you as you take this journey. Enjoy!


  2. Thanks for taking the time to post while you are traveling! It is great to hear your descriptions and stories while they are fresh in your mind and to see the photos. Oma will be happy you recalled fondly your walking and walking tour do Paris!!!

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