Why Tradition is Important

Two weeks ago, I spent thanksgiving at “Voss Camp”, and one week later, I gave this speech to my “Arts of Communication” class at Harvard. The quality of the video is not great. Some of the details are a tad embellished (as is sometimes in good storytelling). But my emotions and feelings about family…… Continue reading Why Tradition is Important


A Change of Heart [Bullfighting]

I’ve changed my mind. I hope that’s ok? Socrates once said, “All I know is that I know nothing.” I find it comforting to know that even the greatest philosophers of all time realized that we don’t really know or understand anything. It’s nice to know we can be free in changing our thoughts, because ultimately,…… Continue reading A Change of Heart [Bullfighting]


A Colombian Tailgate

It’s another Football Saturday! Look at all the ladies dressed to the nines, with their recently purchased j. crew blouses, skinny jeans, buggy sunglasses and riding boots. The men in their starch white button-downs, jeans and extra cashmere sweaters, for when the sun goes down. A beer in hand, a barbeque, some whiskey and/or wine, and we are off to have…… Continue reading A Colombian Tailgate