I’m Uncomfortably Learning

It’s been over a month back at school, and I had forgotten that I liked to write and share my story here on this blog. Writing is a meditation and exercise in creativity, and I have either been studying too much or hanging out with my friends, but mostly studying and thinking these days. I…… Continue reading I’m Uncomfortably Learning


10 Things I Have Learned After a Year of Studies

Now that the spring semester is over, I wanted to reflect on a few things that have stuck with me from the past 9 months as a student. 1. Life is all about people. We create moments together that make up a life. We share in our happiness and our sadness, our achievements and our…… Continue reading 10 Things I Have Learned After a Year of Studies

People with Purpose

People with Purpose: Valentina

This post comes from a dear friend Valentina, who I met when I was living in Bogota, Colombia. She introduced me to Venezuelan food and reggeaton music, was my patient spanish teacher at the office and taught me a lot about life (and still does!). What matters the most to you, and why? When asked what…… Continue reading People with Purpose: Valentina