An Introvert in Graduate School

I sometimes would spend entire weekends by myself in New York. I would get done with work on Friday at 6pm, and spend 2 full days until Monday morning at 9AM alone. I would go to yoga classes, run, draw, write, cook, read, talk with my family on the phone, paint my nails, watch a movie. Never once feeling lonely.

I have always been an introvert. I like to be home in my bed. I like having time to listen to the sounds outside. I like having time to listen to my thoughts, and to think about what I am thinking about.


But being in graduate school has been challenging for my introverted self. Arriving to Boston with no friends was difficult for someone who likes to spend time alone. It was not that I did not want to hangout with people and make new friends, it was just that being in class, going to lectures/events/seminars, and then lunches and happy hours day after day was hard for me. It was at times overwhelming, and I felt like I lost that time I had to myself.

Each week has gotten better. I have made some real friends – people who are good, true and genuine in their hearts and actions. I have made more time for myself – to run, go to a yoga class, sit reading in my bed. And I have stopped worrying about trying to live a particular graduate school experience, and instead try and live my own authentic one.



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