The Work-Work Balance

My negotiation’s professor told us on our first day of class that we would need to strike a work-work balance in his class. I remember laughing, thinking to myself, “how bad could it be?”

And now, I haven’t written in few weeks, because I have been living a work-work balance, with say 20% of my time going to interesting events, talks and lectures, and making some new friends. Some of the talks have included presentations by the President of Panama and Ecuador.



Yesterday, I got to see the 29th president of Harvard University get inaugurated in Harvard Yard. Since the average tenure of a president in 13 years, it’s not every day you get to see something like that. Higher education has come under serious scrutiny the past few years, so he will have some challenges to address as he begins in this new role.


This first month of school has flown by. It makes me think that the next two years will too. Each day I am constantly moving between class, high-level events, doing readings, reflections and problem sets. I run when I can. I forget that I am hungry and should keep fueling my brain.


I constantly feel a mix of emotions. Overwhelmed and stressed, happy and ecstatic, tired and worn down, thoughtful and clear minded. It’s sometimes difficult to manage how I feel. Running help keeps me somewhat grounded. Family and friends keep me rooted, knowing they are supporting me in all of this.


It’s a life adjustment being a student again, and it will still take me time to get used to it. To figure out when I want to do everything, including when to write. Because I do want to share this experience. It’s incredibly special, challenging, intellectually moving, allowing me to be (as I hope) a better person in not just what I do, but who I am.


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