A Blonde with Red Hair

I think of myself as a fairly type A person. I think through many decisions with painstaking care. However, when it comes to my hair, I have made hasty, drastic changes without so much as a fleeting thought.

Some of you will remember the short hair stage. This lasted about two years. I was living in San Francisco and had decided to cut off nearly all my hair. Here is a photo of me below when it was even a few months longer!


Then, after two years of short hair, I grew it back out. It had been long and blonde like this for the past year, while I have been living in New York.

When I think about what my hair “normally” looks like I think about this yellowy, natural color and length.


Then, one Saturday morning I was looking out of my new apartments window I saw a hair salon, and I started wondering what it would be like to have strawberry blonde hair. I knew red would be too much of a drastic change, but I thought that an orangey, blonde color would be interesting.

That same day, I walked across the street to the hair salon and decided if it were less than a certain price, then I would do it. The lady said one dollar less than my cut-off…

I sat down in the chair and an hour and a half later I had a very different hair color.


Is it odd that I didn’t ask anyone their opinion about dying my hair? Should I have asked what someone thought? My boyfriend’s thoughts? A good friend’s opinion?

I guess I was just so curious to know what it would look like and feel like, that I just did it. Knowing I would be ok with the consequences, if I or anyone else didn’t like it.

Hair is temporary, which is why I find it fun to change.


Deep down, I think I will always be a long-haired blonde, but for now it’s fun to be a redhead. Maybe it won’t be a two year phase like the short hair, but only time will tell…

5 thoughts on “A Blonde with Red Hair

  1. Damn, does your mom always leave long comments on things like this? Oh well, I know that she comes from it honestly.
    I was going to say I actually permed my hair when I was in HS for whatever period that took to grow out. I looked like a Portuguese water spaniel. But it was just what I needed to shake things up. Loved it. Little did I know that it would make all my hair fall out when I hit my 40’s but it was worth it.
    As for your hair walkabout, I love it. Looks very natural and becoming!

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    1. Haha you know my mom always has something to say! Dr Nat as she’s been called…she thinks she’s got me all figured out…maybe dying my hair red is something my mother wouldn’t have suggested to me which is why I did it in the first place….late streak of rebellion? Only now that I’m out of the house….

      I’ll have to see photos of this permed hair look of yours. Hope to see you and the gang soon. I’m making a short trip to the little Apple-town in November to see N and G!


  2. So I have been contemplating WHY you went rogue on the hair thing and it reminded me of when I got my hair cut extremely short, really short, like a boy shortly after you were born. When I look back on that decision I think it was two fold- first, I remember I felt like I needed to do something to show the world that “I was different” that my life had changed- I had had a baby! That is an amazing life change but everyone treats you the same, like nothing changed in your life. I found it very weird. Secondly after you have a child you loose CONTROL of everything- you cant do anything YOU want to do when you want to do it, you cant sleep or go out or go exercise so when you change your hair it ONE THING you can CONTROL!!! So maybe you are subconsciously showing the world you are NOT the long haired blonde anymore but a strong independent worldly woman. And maybe you are trying to control something as you have lost the control over your personal life as you try to learn to live independently again. . Food for thought…… lastly, of course I grew my hair out IMMEDIATELY it looked terrible and I had to wear make up and earrings which was not my thing! But you look amazing!

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    1. Thanks Mom, interesting points…haven’t thought about it that way, that subconsciously it was something I felt I could control. I don’t know, if that’s the real reason though…..I will have to give it some more thought…


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