Life’s Special Moments

My dad came to visit me in New York two weekends ago, and even though it wasn’t Father’s Day weekend, it felt like it to me. We went running together in Central Park. We went to the Met. We had some nice meals outside. We went to the Cloisters (see lovely pictures below!).


FullSizeRender_1But most importantly, we enjoyed spending time together. Time that sometimes can feel like it’s going too fast. Time that we know we don’t get more of. Time that we only know that we have today to use.

So I won’t remember all the details from the Cloister’s audio guide or where we ate dinner. However, I will remember some of the little moments.

Like how we got to 23,000 steps one day in the Met while trying to find a cup of coffee. Starting from the fourth floor. Walking in circles through each of the floors. Asking each museum employee about where to find a cafe in the museum. Finally, finding out there was a cafeteria in the basement. Walking down to the basement. Finding a very mediocre, watered-down cup of coffee and a chocolate fro-yo with sprinkles for Dad. Laughing that we had come to the Met and had spent the majority of the time in the museum looking for a cup of coffee. And of all the rooms in the Met, we had found ourselves in the dingy basement. Smiling. Loving the moment.


Life is full of special moments. Everyday I smile at the opportunity to create new ones. Knowing that we are only the sum of these moments. Moments that add up to a life.

Thank you for everyone who has shared little moments with me. I truly think we are making something magical.





2 thoughts on “Life’s Special Moments

  1. You are such a special child to honor dad in that way. You gave him such a wonderful father’s day gift to acknowledge your special time together! I am glad you were able to carve out the time and that the weekend was so enjoyable. India, here you come!!!!! Love you sweetie. Mom


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