The Dog Walker’s Society

My parents have a private club, for themselves, called the Dog Walker’s Society, or DWS for short. They use this time to catch up after work, get some fresh air, and take the pups on a walk around the neighborhood. Sometimes, when me or my siblings are home, we get the honorary invite, but the idea is to walk and talk without phone distractions, music or everyday distractions.


Here in Bogota, DWS has a bit of a different flavor. It’s a profession, such as a housekeeper or babysitter. And an important one, at the least.

A typical DWS consists of about 2-3 walkers and about 15-20 dogs. The most I have seen is probably one person with 20 dogs. While I can’t tell you how they schedule their pick-ups and drop off, what I do know is that they take over the parks and many a times, the entire sidewalk.

This guy below is just picking up his first few dogs, outside of my apartment. A lot of the dog walkers have thick rope like leashes, and not fancy ones that re-tract and adjust to how far you want the dog to wander. Some dogs even have little jackets, in case it’s a little cold.



I love watching the DWS, counting how many pups there are, how many with coats, and how many tea-cup sized little ones there are. It gives me something fun to do when walking through the city, and it’s fun to see all the different types of dogs people have.

Life is full of wonderful things. You just have to open your eyes, take a look around, and enjoy the simplicity of walking, be that with or without dogs by your side 🙂


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