Keeping the Fire

I don’t have many words to share right now. Reflecting. Talking with friends and family. Making art. Disorienting. Strange. Walking. Running. Moving through mediation. RUNNING. Saying goodbye. Goodbye, Cambridge. No rather, goodbye, friends in Cambridge. No rather see you later, my dears. Gathering strength. Rising! Keeping the fire going into the first day of summer…… Continue reading Keeping the Fire


New Realities & Routines – – A Summer in DC

I wake up and forget where I am quite often. Sometimes I dream that I am an undergraduate trying to find my way around Vanderbilt University, pushing my way onto the subway in NY, or walking on the beach in Albania. My realities have changed so much the past 10 years, I often don’t have…… Continue reading New Realities & Routines – – A Summer in DC