Christmas Comes Early in Bogota

In the US, there´s a rule (particularly in my family) that you aren´t allowed to start preparing for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Meaning, you can´t start putting up lights, decorations, ect. until Thanksgiving has passed. In Colombia, they don´t have Thanksgiving, so there are no rules about how early Christmas decorating can start.

I started seeing Christmas lights and things in the grocery store starting the last week in October, and the lights started going up by mid-November. To me, this seemed WAY too early, and I couldn´t help but wonder if maybe I was wrong in thinking that. Why not start celebrating Christmas earlier? With Christmas now upon us, the city is completely lit up like a glowball. I enjoy walking around the neighborhood to look at all the lights sprinkled about.

Another thing I noticed about the lights in Bogota, is that they don’t have to be in “Christmas theme”, meaning they don’t all have to be snowflakes, reindeer, christmas trees or things associated with Christmas or winter. The lights take the form of safari animals, peacocks, koi fish, flowers, or anything for that matter.

Here are some of my favorites from Monserrate (chapel at the top of one of the mountains by the city center):

Merry Christmas to all and a very happy new year!


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