Embracing Social Media

Hi there!  As many of you know, I have a problem with social media. I didn’t have a facebook for 3 plus years, but thanks to friends who did have facebook I some how remembered some birthdays and was invited to some social events even though I didn’t RSVP on facebook.  Unfortunately, I now have a facebook and a blog; both of which I would rather not have, but while I am in Nairobi, I feel it important for my ability to “keep in touch”.  While I am old school and would rather talk on the phone for hours with family and friends, I have the harsh realization that I live in a very far away time zone.

I hope this blog helps you feel connected to my journey as I try to find ways to put my talents to good use here in Kenya!



One thought on “Embracing Social Media

  1. Dear Allie, was a joy and relief to get your blog. As I promised, I thought of you every day. Your blog about the two sides of the city was very interesting and very sad, especially since income inequality is such a big issue here as well. I am glad that you have co-workers with whom to eat and explore. It also looks like you are already on task.
    We are well in Muncie, though Pete and Franky are constantly either on vacation or visiting the kids. I harvested a bushel of tomatoes, after having just one very second day in August. Like a homemaker, I canned some. Lots of good music and theatre and friends.
    Love, Oma


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